Handmade Candles - Simple Elegance
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Handmade Candles - Simple Yet Elegant

While finishing my last semester of college before graduation, I found myself caught up in the excitement of starting my own business. For several years I had enjoyed creating candles, but the possibility of introducing them to others was a new venture.

Candles have a simple elegance of their own; but for me, enjoying the fragrance is just as important as the ambiance. I spent many hours researching and testing to find the best combination of waxes, wicks and fragrance oils. My goal was, and is, to create long-lasting, strongly scented candles. We also offer unscented candles for everyone who enjoys candles without fragrance :)

Still Water Candles started out small, selling only a few mason jar candles, but has been steadily growing along with our awesome customers. Some of our bestsellers now include unity candles, scented wax tarts and glitter candles (great décor for your next party!) We recently added a new line of hexagon jar candles great for modern décor. We now offer over 90 fragrances and have shipped to 25 different countries.

Thanks to my loyal customers who make it possible!